Saturday, July 27, 2013

One month post op... + a few days! :)

I don't even know where to begin. There's so much good stuff to talk about! Lets see...

First and foremost... Frankie has NOT had his ng tube in for 2 weeks! You heard me right! He's been successfully meeting his caloric intake without it! It's wonderful! Frankie needs around 1,000/cal/day. Just from his soy pediatric drink alone, on average, he gets 750/cal/day from that. And then add the additional food he's eating. He's doing great! No need to put the tube back in at this point (or ever as far as I'm concerned!). Frankie will continue to see his OT, Ellen, once a week. The dietician is watching him very closely also since the tube is out. Lots of weight checks. So far, he's maintaining. 

Frankie saw his PT on Thursday... He has graduated from physical therapy! Her services are no longer needed! It was emotional to say goodbye! She (Angela) has been with us since Frankie was 5 months old! We will miss Angela! 

Frankie's scar looks great! Each day it's looking better and better. His follow up appointment with his surgeon is on Thursday. I'll be sure to blog about that as well. And hopefully get a picture of Frankie and the amazing surgeon as well! He's done SO much for Frankie to change his life, it's unbelievable. 

Frankie's been having a wonderful summer. Lots of swimming, water play, park time, museums, hanging out with Rae and Riley. It has been so wonderful! 
And what else is wonderful? When someone looks at our son now, it's genuinely because he's handsome. Not because there's a tube on his face and they're wondering what's wrong with him and why he's "sick". It's so nice! 

Love to you all! Lots and lots! Now for pictures! 
Always doing the Al Bundy! Look at the belly! 
Yes, that's my son. Smelling his feet in the car! 
            Driving at Happy Joe's! 

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