Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OB Visit and Fetal Heart Echo!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on today's doctor's appointments. The OB visit went great. Frankie's O looks good. There are no signs of distress and the O looks like it has improved from when they first saw it (the shape and location). It's much easier for them to see it now. His heart rate was great! He moves a TON! He really enjoys having a foot in his face and or his hands by his face. He's such a cutie! The fetal heart echo went well today, too! The cardiologist is still confident that there is nothing wrong with his heart. She said that if there is a hole in his heart (VSD), that it is so small that they can not detect it which means that it will close up before birth. She said that we could come back in 8 weeks for another echo, but it wasn't necessary. We decided not to get another one. They have seen all that they can see and his heart looks great! Once Frankie is born, they will do an echo then (as they do with all O babies) just to make sure that all the appropriate valves close up and such. Today was a great day! Praying that it ALL continues to be good like this! I believe it will! My next doctor's appoint is June 1st. This is just for a regular OB visit. My next ultrasound to check is growth is on June 15th. I will be sure to keep everyone posted if anything arises. Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers! We appreciate it more than you'll ever know! Love to you all!

 Frankie has his right arm/hand up by his ear and his left foot in his face! We just love this little guy more than words can express!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FULL amnio results!

I got the call from the genetic counselor yesterday, Frankie is all clear! No genetic disorders! Thank you Lord! Next step, fetal heart echo on Wednesday along with and in-depth ultrasound. More to come. Keep praying! Thanks! Love you all!

Monday, May 9, 2011

More appointments, more waiting.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update. We still haven't received the full amnio results from the genetic counselor. The main things they were looking for have already been crossed off the list (Thankfully!), but we are still waiting for the rest of the stuff. The other "stuff" is a lot more uncommon. Joe and I would both have to carry a recessive gene for the syndrome in order for Frankie to get it. It is still possible, but not as likely as the others. The reason it is taking so long is that they didn't get enough fluid when the amnio was done so they had to do a subculture of the culture they already had. Once those cells have grown more, we will have a better idea. Praying nothing comes up.

My next doctor's appointment is on May 18th. I will be seeing the OB/GYN for an in depth ultrasound of Frankie and after that I will head back down to Children's Hospital for the heart echo. If all goes well with the echo, I will not need to get anymore! :) Amazing! So, things are going slowly but surly.... kind of frightening, but all will be okay! Still seeing the OB/GYN bi-weekly.  In mid June we meet with the surgeon again and take a tour of the NICU and the labor and delivery at Barnes. Love to you all!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dr. Appointment May 2, 2011

The doctor's appointment went well today. We got to hear Frankie's heartbeat and the doctor said he sounds great. She decided that I should still be seen every 2 weeks to monitor for preeclampsia and preterm labor. She doesn't think this is going to happen but the chances are higher with the O. We also made a final decision to have a c-section. She thinks it's the best considering the situation. I am totally okay with this! That way it is scheduled and the pediatric surgeons can be there, just in case. Better safe than sorry! They will be doing ultrasounds once a month, maybe more to monitor his growth. They want to make sure he is growing at the correct rate. As of now, he still is. The times they do not do the ultrasound, they will measure my belly to make sure he is still growing. I should be getting another fetal heart echo within the next couple weeks and will be scheduling another meeting with the surgeons. Thanks for all your love and prayers!!!!