Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tis' the season... For colds that is!

Yes, this is a repetitive, protective mama bear post, but someone's gotta do it.

Trust me. I know how adorable little Frankie bear is. All I want to do is kiss and kiss and kiss on him. And squeeze him! And I do, but I'm his mama. Lucky me! :) But, after going through Thanksgiving and with Christmas just around the corner, I can not stress enough how important it is for Frankie to remain healthy this cold/flu season. If we are to make it to all of the family events this season, everyone and I mean EVERYONE must help us out. That being said, please, please, PLEASE....
- Wash your hands! And often. It's not only good for Frankie but for you, too! And everyone else around you. Good hygiene isn't a bad thing folks! Especially after using the restroom. Come on now, do I really need to be telling people this? Apparently.
-Kisses. This is tough. Frankie is so sweet and will throw out a kick to just about anyone who asks but, I think we need to be a little more careful with all the people we have been exposed to lately and who they've been exposed to and so on. It's endless.
-If you feel a little puny, we will see ya next time! ;) No worries. Tomorrow is always another day.
-If you have been around someone who's sick or not feeling well, we will see ya next time. Tomorrow is always another day.

I know I may sound crazy to some folks but you have to understand. My child isn't the "typical" child and I have to do what's best for him. As the cardiologist stated himself, "His lungs aren't in the clear yet." That means we still need to be careful so that we don't end up hospitalized again. That's not fun and can be very serious. That's why Frankie gets the RSV shots again this season which cost $5,000 a pop (1 a month for 5-6 months). Thank God for health insurance. But, they only give these shots to the children who are truly, truly in need.

Yes, he needs to be exposed to some things on order to build his system. He has been exposed. Over and over. That's why I write this.

So please, say what you will about this mama, just help me keep my child healthy so that we can see you through the holidays and everyday. Thanks a bunch! I sincerely mean that! Much love!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frankie's Appointments on 11-15-12

Hey all! Sorry I am just now getting out this update on Frankie's two appointments he had on Thursday last week! Overall, everything went PERFECT! Our first appointment was with pediatric surgery...

The reason we went to this appointment is because we were concerned that Frankie's hernia had returned in his right testicle. Joe, the pediatrician and I had all tried to reduce it with no luck (we didn't try too much because it obviously doesn't feel well to have someone squeezing your jewels). The pediatrician just said to go see surgery unless it starts to change colors then go to the ER. Dr. Keller (surgeon) tried reducing it as well with no luck. He was actually pretty bummed about the entire situation. He said, and I quote, "If there is a loop of bowel in there, someone is going to have to wipe tears from my eyes because I don't know what to do with this kid." Eeek. That was hard to hear. Dr. Keller doesn't feel comfortable doing any sort of surgery on Frankie at this time. Also, if he was to go back in and fix that hernia, there is a pretty good risk of damaging his ball.... We were sent off to get an ultrasound of the family jewels to make sure they looked good. THANK GOD, THEY LOOKED GOOD! Frankie has a hydrocele in his right testicle (fluid) and it should go away on its own. We will return to see Dr. Keller in 3 months to check up on it. Where does the fluid come from? Since Frankie has recently had an ear infection and a runny nose, a lot of times they retain fluid down there from being sick and it will eventually go away.

Neonatology: We went for Frankie's one year developmental testing. The Baylee test is what they did. Frankie is not delayed at all! It's so amazing! His doctors were impressed! He has been through so much this last year and has spent an awful lot of time in the hospital and I am just so happy and impressed with Frankie that he isn't behind in any area! He is very close to walking! He needs a big boost in confidence but he is SO close! Joe and I have gotten him to take 4 steps at the most at a time. He does a couple here or there. Of course, Frankie is small and they would like him to be larger but I think his doctors are starting to realize that he is just a little (but mighty) guy! I will be speaking to a cardiac dietician hopefully Monday about the amount of calories Frankie should really be getting.

I do believe that is it! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We love you all so much!
Frankie was passed out when we arrived at the hospital for his appointments! We arrived at 1030am, I had to carry him in and push his stroller. This is in the waiting room. He didn't wake up until they weighed him! And, we didn't get home from our appointments until 4pm-ish. LONG day! He did great!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today, my mom and I took Frankie to see Dr. Grady (cardiologist) for his final follow up on his asd repair.

First, the fellow came in, asked lots of questions, took a listen to him and said he looked and sounded great. Dr. Grady came in and then agreed. We were then sent off to get an echo to actually get a picture of how things are looking.

Frankie did great during his echo! He usually doesn't enjoy them but this time he laid in my lap and we watched a couple of his favorite music videos on my phone. When the doc came back with results I was extremely impressed with my child! I just couldn't believe it! Frankie's heart looks fantastic and his lung pressures do, too! We are not in the clear of the pphn yet but his pressures were certainly low enough that they couldn't measure them through the echo. This is tremendous! I mean, just 1 1/2 months ago Frankie was on oxygen, extra doses of meds and was having a hard time breathing! Now he is off of oxygen and they actually eliminated a medication today and dropped one of his doses of Sildenafil!GO FRANKIE, GO FRANKIE, GO FRANKIE! This kid is a freaking all star! I can't wait to see what his life entails!

I asked about his pphn and since it is getting better, the only real way to get a good look at it at this point would be to do another cardiac cath. They do not have a plan to do this, at least not for now. I'm sure we will in the future. We don't have to see cardiology for 6 months! That's right, 6 MONTHS! I almost peed my pants! Love this kid.

Frankie does have two other appointments this week, too. On Thursday morning I am taking him to see pediatric surgery because, unfortunately, his hernia has returned on one side. Joe and I are totally bummed... one more damn surgery. Ugh. So, Dr. Keller (surgeon) will be taking a look at that on Thursday morning and give us his opinion. Also on Thursday in the afternoon, Frankie will be having his one year appointment with neonatology. This appointment will take awhile. They do all of his screenings to see where his development is. He is doing this one a couple months late due to his asd repair but it's okay! Needless to say, Thursday is going to be a long day! Not sure how we are going to fit a nap in, but I will work it out!

That's all for now! Much love to you all!