Saturday, July 6, 2013

Home for 4 days so far! :)

Frankie is without a doubt, a tank. Look it up in the dictionary and it'll say Francenzo Michael DiFranco. He rocks! 

Frankie is doing so well! His incision looks great! Yesterday, I took most of the sterile strips off. The top two were still stuck on pretty well so I left them on. Discharge letter said to remove them on 7/5. I will remove the others when they loosen up. He is eating a lot of food! Joe and I are very hopeful the food keeps up! We'd love to see the ng go! That would be the last and final thing! 

Frankie is back to running around, climbing, asking for Elmo and Choo Choo, doing his puzzles, putting trains together and coloring! The only thing Frankie is having trouble with is sleep...

There's still a bit of anxiety and stress when he goes to sleep. The last couple days he did really well. He went down fine for naps and bedtime but last night he slept from 8pm-10:30pm. And from then, he was up until at least 2:30am. And then back up for the day at 6:30am. He would freak if I walked out of his room so Joe ended up bringing him to our bed but he didn't sleep any. With each day, things will get better and he will fall back into his routine and forget about the scary surgery he just went through. Poor baby. 

Overall, he's doing super though! Tuesday he goes to see his pediatrician for a follow up and weight check. I'll do an update then. He doesn't have his follow up with his surgeon until August 1st. 

Good news on Frankie's O brother, Hayden! He was discharged today! So, thank you all for the massive amount of prayers you continuously give Frankie and Hayden. Means a lot! Love to you all!
 Frankie's belly tonight! Looking so good! 
Frankie was double fisting cinnamon sugar bagel poppers! Yum! 

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