Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr. Appointment August 30, 2011

Hello everyone! So, I went to the doctor today. Not much really went on. I guess that's good! My weight has maintained (thank God!), my blood pressure is good, Frankie's heart sounds great, my belly measures perfectly, and he's still moving a ton! Overall, things are great! They didn't check to see if I was dilated or not (I thought this was weird since they did last week and they are supposed to start checking at 36 weeks, which I am currently). They also didn't check effacement either. So, hopefully that will come next week. I can't imagine them not checking just because I'm getting a c section! I will not be getting anymore ultrasounds before he is here! Crazy to think that since I have had so, so many throughout all of this! What's even more crazy?! I only have TWO! Yes, TWO doctor's appointments left before he is here! How crazy is that business?! Unless he tries to come early that is... which hopefully he cooks in there as long as possible! I will be 37 weeks on Saturday which is considered full term, so really if he tries to come from then on, we welcome him with open arms (but would prefer for him to arrive on the 19th!). I believe that is all that I have for now. Thanks again for all your love, support and prayers! We are thankful for each and every one of you!!!
Next appointment is Thursday, September 8th at 4:55pm.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Braxton Hicks, dehydration, contractions? Oh my!

Hello all! So, I woke up this morning not feeling the greatest. As the work day went on, things weren't getting any better. I had pains and such in my abdomen and finally decided to call the doctor and she told me to come on in. Well, on Saturday I had some lovely food posioning that took literally everything out of me. Doctor said my cervix is getting soft but not enough for the baby to come yet, it hasn't dropped yet and I'm not even considered 1 centimeter dilated. Needless to say, he won't be here today! Thankfully! Why am I having contractions and stuff? Could be a few things:
1. Braxton Hicks contractions
2. Dehydration from food poisoning that will lead to early labor. MUST DRINK TONS OF FLUIDS!
3. Contractions because my body is getting ready for the big day!

Whatever it is, he is doing okay. He's moving around a lot and his heart sounds good. Doctor does think that he will be here within a couple weeks, as do I. No sooner than 37 though. They will try and stop labor before then. I will truly be surprised if I actually make it to the scheduled section date. If I do, that's fantastic! But, I'm preparing myself not to. Just in case! I am working part time now so it should help keep him in there as long as possible! I won't be going to my appointment on Thursday since I went today unless necessary,  but it shouldn't be. That's all I've got for now! Love to you all! Time for more rest!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

C Section Scheduled!

Hello everyone! I went to the doctor again today and things are still looking good. The c section is officially scheduled for Sept. 19th at 9:30am! :) Joe and I have to be there at 7:30am, but the little guy will be arriving probably around 10 or so! Crazy to think about! Mixed emotions right here!

I officially feel like a whale. Retaining water that makes my hands and ankles a tad swollen. Let me tell you, that's a blast! The pregnancy has officially caught up with me and I am exhausted! Had a talk with the doctor today and it seems best that I don't work more than 24 hours a week these last few weeks. That's going to help me out A TON! I work with the most amazing teachers in the world! I don't want this little fella (or not so little....) trying to make an appearance too soon!

As for being not so little... he's measuring a little big. As in, my belly should measure 34 weeks right now and it measures bigger. Doctor isn't concerned or anything but she said it seems like it's a good thing that I'm having a c section! I'm beginning to think I'm thankful for it, too!

My next appointment is Thursday next week at 5:00 pm. I'll update again then unless necessary to do so before. Thanks for all the continuous support and prayers! Love to you ALL!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr. Appointment August 10, 2011

Frankie is getting so big! He is so adorable! He now weighs in at 5 pounds 9 ounces! If he gains weight accordingly, he will be an 8.5 pounder! His O is still stable and he is not under any stress and his heart and everything looks super good! I talked with the doctor about scheduling my c-section and they are supposed to be working on it ASAP. It's really in the hospitals hands and they're SLOW! There still shouldn't be any reason that it's not Sept. 19th at 9 am. Over all, he is doing really well as am I. I now start going back every week to check up on him. My next appointment is on Thursday, August 18th at 12:55. I'm not sure if they will be doing another ultrasound before he is here or not, but my guess is that they will be. I can see them doing another right before he is born so that they can look at it one last time before he is here. That is something I am going to discuss with my doctor on Thursday next week (I saw the NP today). His O is larger than I expected it to look/be, but the doctor's and the ultrasound tech say everything looks good and the size has stayed relative to his abdomen. Still scares me but I know that he will be okay with all the great doctors that we have here in St. Louis. Love to you all! Time for some pictures!
 Look at the cute foot! 3 in long! That's what has been kicking my ribs for the past months! Love it!

Cute chubby face!