Sunday, August 25, 2013

2 months post op!

It has been 2 months today since Frankie has his belly repair! I can't believe how quickly time has gone. The child is truly a tank. He has been without his feeding tube for about 4-5 weeks now. Consuming most of his calories through his fortified pediatric drink, but he's doing it! Gotta start somewhere, right? He rocks! Short and sweet post right here! Love to you all!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Speechless <3

Speechless defines the way I feel, 100%.
  1. Unable to speak, esp. as the temporary result of shock or some strong emotion.

Strong, happy emotions flood me as I write this! Frankie went and saw his surgeon for a post-op visit. We couldn't have asked for a better visit. Frankie has maintained his weight! He is going on 3 weeks with no feeding tube! How lucky are we to FINALLY see this day?! Man, it has been a long time comin'. So thankful. Also, Frankie's belly looks great and feels great! All is holding well together. Get this... Frankie doesn't need to be seen again for 6 MONTHS! That means only yearly visits for cardiology and a 6 month visit for surgery! After that, I'm sure they'll be yearly, too. I'm just so happy, beyond happy! He is one incredible, incredible child. BLESSED. 

Here's a photo of Frankie with the astounding Dr. Keller himself! 

We can not thank Keller and his team enough for all they have done to not only save our child's life, but improve it. Bring normalcy back to it. Love them all tremendously!