Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One more thing to add to the list, eh?

Let me just start by saying how lucky we are to have Frankie as our son! He is the toughest kid I know! Each and everyday is like Christmas in our house because we wake up to him daily and he does something new everyday!

Frankie's hernia surgery went so well! E healed and recovered so quickly! Like light speed, I'm not kidding! We went to the surgeons on Thursday just for a follow up on his hernia repairs. He's doing wonderful! They were all talking about how quickly he's moving along for a kid with an O. Most babies aren't where he is! Wow! That was AMAZING to hear that! He's been through so much thus far and knowing he's kicking ass and taking names along the way, that makes it even better! TANK, TANK, TANK!

So you're probably asking what's the newest thing we can add to the list of Frankie? Well, a milk allergy. I had given Frankie some Ted Drewes (I know, I know. Of all the things to be allergic to... This sucks! Who doesn't love ice cream?!) and he got somelittle hives on his face. I didn't think too much of it because it wasn't a lot. I just thought maybe it was so cold that it irritated his skin. Well, while on our way home from a camping trip we stopped at Culver's. Again, vein he fat kid at heart, I got some ice cream and gave him a bite. BAD idea! Hives were ten fold what they were previously, his eyes started to swell and he was uncomfortable. Needless to say, I sat in the back seat of the car with him the rest of the way home and made sure he was okay. We then went to the pediatrician who obviously referred us to an allergist who confirmed my suspicion. Good thing he still likes me breast milk! Anywho, this is just one more thing that Frankie will have to conquer which I know he will. The doctor said, of all the things to be allergic to, this is the best and it's the easiest for him to grow out of. One more thing for the Tank to out grow.

Other than that, he's his usual Tank self! Chatting up a storm. Saying mama, dada, haha, ba's and vowel noises, along with all sorts of other cute things! He will pick up his feet and walk if you hold his hand, try and crawl if you put him on his hands and knees, pivot on his booty. So many things I can't list them all!

Thanks for all your support! We love you all!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Operation testicles.... complete!

As you are all aware, Frankie had a bilateral inguinal hernia. We arrived here at Stl Children's Hospital at a very lovely 5:45am! We registered, played the waiting game, spoke with all the doctors and then at 7:35am, they took Frankie- cue tears! At 8:30am, the anesthesiologist came in and told us that they JUST started the surgery, 5 minutes prior. Sheesh.

When we initially spoke with the anesthesiologists they said that it would be okay to do a spinal and not intubate him. When the "good drugs" doctor came in to speak with us this morning he told us that it really wasn't the best idea to do that and told us his reasons and they made sense AND he gets paid the big bucks for a reason. So, they ended up doing what they typically do on babies with hernia repairs. They knocked him out with gas, put an IV in, intubated him, and gave him a caudal block. Thankfully, the surgery is short and they extubated him in recovery with no issues. Thank God! They did turn his oxygen up to 1 liter, just to be cautious but they are already weaning him back down to his baseline with no issues.

Dr. Keller (surgeon) came in after the surgery was complete and said the left side was a large hernia and the right was small. It was a simple fix for him to do, not a complicated hernia repair, thankfully. He said they can get messy!

As of right now he is a little irritable and tired but he's doing well. He just needs some good, solid sleep and he will be okay. At first he was irritable because he blew out his IV (they didn't have to re-stick him thank goodness) then he fell asleep and woke up fussy because he was hungry so I decided to just start up his feeds! :) Solved that issue. Now he's just super tired and needs some rest. Hopefully he can get some this evening.

The plan is to be discharged tomorrow morning if things keep going smoothly! I'm ready to get back home and be in our own space!

Thank you all so much for all the prayers and support today! Even though this isn't considered an extreme surgery, there are always so many other risks with Tank and we are beyond thankful for all of you because these days are stressful and scary and having you all is certainly help! Much love!

Bright and early this morning before surgery.

Patiently waiting for surgery to end.

In recovery, still not awake from the good drugs.

Just waking up. Sweet, sleepy face.

Playing with toys in recovery.

Playing in 7 west (where we're staying over night. Cardiology floor.) after a nap!