Thursday, July 11, 2013

2+ weeks post-op!

Frankie's kicking ass and taking names! I love every second of it! Here's how his appointments went...

Dietician and OT: The last 3 days I have been making an extensive list of what Frankie consumes orally. I'm going to submit these 3 days to the dietician and she will input the information into her database and see how many calories a day he's been consuming and all the nutrients and water he's getting from his food. Frankie has been eating like a mad man and both the dietician and ot are very impressed with this change! And we're all hoping that this continues. When Frankie went into surgery he was roughly 21lbs. When we got home, he was only about 19.5lbs. When he was at the pediatrician on Tuesday, he was back to his 21lbs! Go Frankie! Frankie is very close to getting rid of his ng tube. Once he does some catch up growth and maintains this good eating, we are saying adios to it! Praying, praying, PRAYING we can say good riddance to it by his 2nd birthday in September. It's doable! Frankie is not getting any food through his tube at all during the day. He only gets 2 feedings at night. And at this point, it may be an over kill in calories and he may not need the night feeding. We will see what the dietician has to say. 

Pediatricajn: Frankie went to the pediatrician on Tuesday for his surgery follow up. She was so impressed with Frankie! She was almost in tears of happiness! She couldn't believe how well he was doing. The last time she saw him, he was getting extubated in the icu. She was very happy with Frankie and doesn't need to see him again until his 2 year check up! I am going to weigh him at home next month and then report it to her. She wants Frankie to be a little more than 22 lbs. I think he can do it! 

That's all I have for now! I can't wait to hear from the dietician and see what she has to say about his calorie intake! 

Love to you all! 

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